We remind you that making appointments is free, the use of an intermediary may harm your visa application, and as a result, TLScontact declines all responsibility for the consequences incurred. Please visit the Scam Alert section.

Welcome to TLScontact

The TLScontact application procedure, established in conjunction with the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Lebanon, aims to provide the best visa application service.

The Royal Embassy of Denmark in Beirut also represents Greenland and the Faroe Islands for visa matters. Applicants traveling to Greenland or the Faroe Islands are kindly invited to register online to book an appointment at TLScontact.

Our center provides a complete service for the submission of visa applications and all ranges of Added Value Services:

It’s recommended to submit the application without the interference of third parties as such mediation can have a negative impact on the outcome of the visa. Anyone claiming to facilitate granting the visa through alleged connections with TLS or the consulate is lying and committing a fraud.


1, You may only submit your visa application within 90 days before your intended travel date. It is recommended that you submit your visa application at least 20 working days before your intended travel date.

2, The presence of all applicants is mandatory when applying for a visa, even children and newborns.

3, If you are travelling in group or with your family, please note that any shared document (e.g. hotel reservation, family statement, bank statement, invitation, etc…) should be present in each applicant’s file, the original in a main file and copies in the other files.