Applicant's fingerprints and photo

Dear Applicants, please note that starting first of July 2013, the submission of your application should be done through TLScontact center.

Applicants need to appear in person for the collection of the biometric data: ten fingerprints and a photograph are collected from persons applying for a visa.

Before the recording of the photo applicants may be asked to remove their glasses or adjust their head coverings if they hide facial features.

TLScontact reminds you that appointment making and registration on our website are free of charge. Visa fee and service fee will only be received at the application submission in our center.

The Average period for processing your Visa application is 15 working days. In some cases the process of the Visa application can take up to 60 days. For more exact information on processing time please refer to the Danish Immigration Services web site: www.newtodenmark.dk : Visa processing time.


No representatives are allowed to submit a visa application on behalf of the applicant. The personal appearance for the submission of the files and for the biometric data capture at TLScontact is mandatory.